Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday was a perfect Sonoma County Day, sunshine, mid 60's, perfect for a walk in the Park-- Helen Putnam Regional Park.

The park is close to home, you can park for free in on the neighborhood side, or pay $6.00 if you park in the parking lot. We opted for the free Parking.

Even though the park is on the edge of Petaluma, once you start up the trail, you feel miles away.

We weren't the only ones out walking. The park was full of families, joggers, bikers, people walking their dogs, people riding horses, people walking their dogs while riding their horses.

The views were lovely, some a reminder that you weren't that far from civilization.
This is a shot facing east. You can see Petaluma off in the distance.

There are benches scattered through the park so you can stop and enjoy the views, which we did. We found a nice spot to stop and have a bite to eat.

According to my pedometer we went 2.09 miles, but according to the map we went 3.4 miles. Maybe it's time for a better pedometer.

Here is one of those spots that makes you feel far away from civilization.

The park has a lot going for it, its close to home, there are lots of trails so you can walk as long or as short a trek as you're in the mood for. The views are pretty, there are lots of people, so I didn't worry about mountain lions.

Facing south, from the south loop of the walk.

And this shot, just because I love gnarly trees.

We were told to come back in spring to see the wild flowers, which we will definitely do, but I think we will probably go back before then.

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