Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heading to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands!

I mean look at this place...who wouldn't want to go there?

We’ve been invited to a Wedding being held on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and I say what better opportunity for a little get-away.

The wedding isn't until end of April, but we have our airline tickets, hotel reservations, and passports already packed!

We’ll be staying at the Hibiscus Beach Resort.

I've been busy researching things to do and see on the island. For me, half the fun of going on vacation is the preparation and anticipation, which is particularly fun on a grey dreary day like today.

Besides just relaxing on the beach (which is what most normal people do), there is a botanical garden , the Cruzan Rum Factory, Buck Island Reef National Monument, and the usual island things: diving, canoeing, kayaking, and fortunately for us, Hiking! We have to continue getting into shape for the Milford Track even on vacation. And because we aren't the kind of people who just relax on the beach. No, not us. We have to go go go, till we practically kill ourselves seeing everything, doing everything, until finally we have to drag our sorry butts home to recover from our "relaxing vacation."

You can expect a full report when we get back, but you'll have to wait until May.

Now what knitting to take? it will be hot, muggy... socks perhaps? something in Linen?

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