Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brush Creek

We took a short hike in Brush Creek on Feb 28. I tried to find information on the Web about Brush Creek, with no luck. I don't think Brush Creek is it's official name. I can find the place we hiked on goggle maps, if I start searching in that area, but even on goggle maps it's not called Brush Creek. In any case, for the sake of this post we will call the wetlands off Atherton avenue Brush Creek. If you're heading north on 101, look to the East just past the Atherton Ave. exit, you'll see the wetlands off in the distance.

The weather was lovely, and the hike turned out to be very nice. But I have yet to meet a hike I didn't like.

At first we were on a dirt road behind a housing development, so I was concerned it might not be a pretty hike, but once we got past the houses, things got very pretty.

As you follow the trail around, you start through chapparal, and eventually walk right near the waters edge. There are ducks and egrets and heron's fishing, and it was very pretty. The hike was easy, there was only one butt-burner and that was a pretty short section. We hiked a little over 4 miles, which is actually less than I like to do. I have a self-imposed rule that I need to do a minimum of 5 mi. when I go out for a hike. Actually I don't think I would even call this a hike, I think it was more of a long walk.

This is a lovely, easy hike, and I'll give it a 3 (easy hike) and a 6 on the pretty scale. the first part of the hike is near the airport, and not too far from the highway so there are the distracting sounds of civilization .

Once you make the turn and are heading east, you get more of a feeling of being out in the wilderness, but if you look closely you can see Lakeville highway and radio towers in the distance. Still it's pretty, close in, and nice 4 mi. loop.

There weren't many gnarley trees, but there was this spot where the trees had grown over the trail.

After the hike there was Yarn shopping, Academy awards, Beer, Wine, Champagne, and Chinese take out, so any benefit I got from the walk got canceled out, but that happens almost every time we go on a hike.

Next up: Tea on Mt. Tam!

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